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Moving price

Beijing good luck brothers moving company moving charges

Starting fee
Models Start fee
Closed load 2 ton trucks 300 yuan/vehicles (320/car in the three-ring)
Load 2 ton gondola cars 390/car (430 Yuan in the three-ring/car)
Capacity 3 ton closed truck 560/car (600 Yuan in the three-ring/car)
Note: 1, the above price is the actual transport distance per one-way trips within ten miles of handling. 
2, Saturday, and Sunday plus 50 Yuan, recommend that users select vehicles from Monday to Friday.

Additional charge

No elevator or lift cannot be used when handling, containing more than two layers, each upper and lower layer to floor charge 10 Yuan,

Plus 20 Yuan each from the seventh level; elevator, moved out or moved into each train to a secondary handling charge 10 Yuan

During loading and unloading Each place of loading and unloading a additional 100 Yuan
Extra fee Moved out and moved into place after the actual distances greater than 10 km, each exceeded a mileage charge 5 Yuan
Plane carrying distances Need artificial surface transportation distance of more than ten metres, each over 1 meter per train charge 2 Yuan
Nightly service charge After 18:00, bpv-charged 100 Yuan.
Delay time Caused by client job EMU is in place not delay work, plus 100 yuan per hour
Idle running Vehicle in place, the customer cancel a car idle running on each train costs 200 Yuan

Model 120 (inclusive) when the fee increases 230
Model 120 more, and cost 280 Yuan.
Model 125 (inclusive) above, plus costs 330 Yuan.
Model 130 (inclusive) above, plus costs 380 Yuan
Piano fee 600-800

Large copiers, safes, large fish tank, large mirrors, fitness equipment, a 29-inch (or more) TVs, washing,

180 litres (inclusive) or more refrigerators each plus 50-200

Cardboard box fee
General information box: size length 60cm, width 40 cm, height 40 cm 15/a
Export information boxes: dimensions 60cm mm long, wide and 40cm high, 40cm 14/a
Computer case: dimensions length 50cm, width 50 cm, height 50 cm 18/a
Hanger: size length 50cm, width 50 cm, height 1200 cm 50 Yuan/a
Note: 1 charge, special delivery carton 30-160
2, for the relocation of the Office to provide plastic crate hire

Furniture Assembly and disassembly
Two door Cabinet 100 Yuan/a
Three cabinets 150 yuan/a
Four door Cabinet 200 Yuan/a
Dresser, bed 50 Yuan-100 Yuan/a
Disassembly of Office partition 50 Yuan/a
Disassembly and Assembly, conference tables 50-200/a
Sliding door 200, length 2 m negotiable

Air conditioning entry fee
Air conditioning type Split single Solid Pack Disassembly and Assembly
Window lifter It's $ 70 It's $ 80 It's $ 150
1.5 (included) wall mounted It's $ 120 It's $ 140 It's $ 220
1.5 (included) the following one for two It's $ 140 It's $ 180 It's $ 300
2 wall mounted cabinets It's $ 160 It's $ 200; It's $ 280
3 Cabinet It's $ 200; It's $ 240 It's $ 380
5 cabinet It's $ 200 It's $ 300 It's $ 480

Punch: brick building 50/a, Board building 80/a, Tower 100 Yuan each. Fluoridation, plus tube 80/40/pressure meter, plus line 20 Yuan/meter.

Fluoridation: 40; plus tubes: 80 meters, 5 plus tube negotiable

Note: this price depending on the season you can float

Timing services
Workers carry only when the vehicle is not needed per person per hour for 60 Yuan

Long distance transport
Gold Cup car5 Yuan/km
Load 2 ton trucks 6 Yuan/km
Capacity 3 ton trucks 8 Yuan/km
Note: the above prices per one-way trips for transport.