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Manual hydraulic forklift

1.  hydraulic hand stacker door heavy columns of steel, cold forming. Make the mast more rigid, more secure, mobile flexible, easy saving.

2.  hydraulic hand stacker cylinder using high precision grinding tube, imported oil seals, one spool, demolition and maintenance; pressure foot, lifting speed and security greatly enhanced.

3.  hydraulic hand stacker with advanced injection molding technology, improve the appearance of the product at the same time increasing the durability of hydraulic hand stacker.

4.  hydraulic hand stacker is a pollution-free manual hydraulic forklift trucks, with a transportation smart, flexible operation, small turning radius and so on.

5. Applies manual hydraulic forklift trucks manufacturing plant, workshop, warehouse storage, station, dock, airport and other places, especially suitable for fire, explosion-proof venues, such as the print shop, various types of oil depots, chemical warehouses and other places.

6.  manual hydraulic forklift trucks combined with pallet boxes, containers and other cellular transport can be achieved, not only reduced the impact, scratches, reduce the workload and stacked area, greatly improving efficiency.

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