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Manual hydraulic forklift

(1) according to job function select electric forklift trucks

stacker basic job functions are divided into levels of handling, stacking  /picking, loading/unloading, sorting. According to the enterprise to achieve the job functions are available from the company's preliminary determination from the product range of the company. In addition, specific job functions will affect stacker is configured, such as handling paper rolls, hot metal, need stacker installed attachments to perform special functions.  

(2) in accordance with operational requirements select a Stacker

stacker requirements include a pallet or specifications, upgrade height, General requirements such as operating channel width, climbing, also needs to take into account the habit (such as habit seated or standing), efficiency (efficiency of different models of its different) and other requirements.  

(3) operating environment

If companies need to transport freight or warehouse environment noise or emissions and other environmental requirements, should be considered in the choice of models and configurations. If it is in the freezer, or in environments with explosion-proof requirements, configuration of the stacker has to be cold or explosion-proof. Examining the place of forklift operation needs to go through, it is envisaged that possible problems, such as high when the warehousing effect on the stacker has; in and out of elevators, lift heights and effect of bearing capacity of stacker; upstairs when floor load meets the appropriate requirements, and so on.

Note: when selecting and determining the configuration, to the suppliers of forklift trucks details conditions and field investigations, to ensure that the optional stacker fully meet the needs of enterprises. Even if the analysis complete the steps above, may still be several models at the same time are able to meet these requirements. Need to pay attention to the following aspects:

①   different models work different, so many forklifts are needed, the number of drivers are different, can lead to a series of changes in costs, as described in the performance evaluation section of this article discusses about the cost.

②   forklift trucks operating inside the warehouse, aisle width required different models different lifting capacity also varies, which leads to warehouse layout changes, such as changes in the storage of the goods.

③   models and the number of changes will have an impact on fleet management and many other areas.

④   number of different models, which are different, their after sales support capabilities are different, such as: low drive three to forklift trucks and high driving three-way forklift trucks are narrow aisle forklifts, are available within a very narrow channel (1.5~2.0 m) completed high stack/heap, collect the goods. But the cab cannot be raised, thus operation poor vision, efficiency is low. Since the latter can completely cover the features of the former, and superior performance, so the latter market sales in Europe exceed four to five times than in China reached more than 6 times. Most vendors are focused on development of high driving three-way forklift trucks, low drive three stacking forklift for use in small tonnage, low lift height (generally 6 meters) conditions. Sales in the market is low, their after-sales service engineers, engineer, a spare parts inventory level of services will be relatively weak.

after a comprehensive impact assessment of the aspects mentioned above, choose the most reasonable solution.