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Move theft perpetrators caught

        moving company workers from Beijing following news collection.

    2011 year since July, Hua Teng Zhuangzi, and Lv Qiao, Yang three burglaries in wood and other towns have, criminals take advantage of the villagers work in the fields when no one else in the House, burglary televisions, computers, food, cash, jewelry and other items.

         series of cases, attracted great attention of the huanghua City Public Security Bureau, they immediately set up a task force, to carry out case work.

         in the case of work carried out, on July 15, Teng Zhuangzi, huanghua Township in yangchun Yang Jia Zhuang Cun is stolen again, color TV sets, computers and computer desk in your home phone, rings, new sheets were looted, stolen goods worth more than 9,000 yuan.

by combining local police investigation, found that the common feature of these cases is suspect had opted for the new House is located near the village, especially post "happy" Word's cottage. Take advantage of the occasion of the villagers work in the fields, carrying wire cutters and other tools, the implementation move theft.  

         initial judgment, lawless elements at the time of theft, most likely have vehicles outside the base. Meanwhile, number of burglary cases should be the same people.

some villagers told police that at the crime seen in a black Buick sedan appeared in the village. Subsequently, the police investigation was informed that ad hoc, huanghua town of South River white in a black Buick sedan, and there was 3 times jail experience.

        9 20th at noon, police investigators discovered through investigation, suspect a hotel near the car of huanghua, decisive attack of the police, white, Zhang successfully captured and car crime tools such as pliers, hammers seized on the spot.

in the face of conclusive evidence, suspect white, Zhang on July 15, pleaded guilty to the burglary case. Following extensive trials, two statements since October 2010, gang car in Tianjin jinghai, Cang County, nanpi, huanghua, enzan Hoi Hing, Meng and other places, on is located in the edge of the village, with the "" character House, one burglary, one drive takes, more than more than 80, involving more than 700,000 yuan used crime.


         this case managed to get to the bottom, and local residents for days hanging stone finally landing  . This area and restore the tranquility of the past.