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Between moving companies don't do it good

         recently, a reporter moving markets, due to the lack of effective regulation, competition exists between the moving company in Beijing, currently moving industry "bottleneck"

         why do moving companies can often damage the customer's goods, is really not care or do not find the perfect service? In fact, the results are there for a reason. Main reason is because of unhealthy competition between the moving company in Beijing, in order to "brisk" moving company put price pressure is very low. So before hundreds of cars and now is bailai Yuan per car. In addition to vehicle fuel and other costs, worker and not much money left. So will work more in order to earn more money. Day he certainly busy for so long. Inevitable bumps. Resulted in a decline in the level of service.

         a few days ago, reporters moving companies survey in Beijing found that some "wild horse" moving company and "shelf" moving company, at low cost price, while ignoring the quality of service, disrupted the Beijing moves markets.

         moving company owner admits that, compared to previous years, in recent years, the moving company service quality has dropped a lot. The saying goes, a penny stock. Moving charges low, quality of service nature can't keep up. Residents had moved most of the move, the company has such encounter: movers one or two hours late, been moved much of the furniture is scratched, often lost in the process of moving things little and so on.

          for these, a moving company owner told reporters, because employers moving fees charged are too low, but for profit, many moving companies have to keep business, did not consider whether their hands are too busy to come. Others in order to earn some money, a car can pull out of the non-stick to pull two cars, earn a trip money, delayed the next employer's move this time.

          movers with equipment should be better with the times, but it's not. In the moving industry malignant competition, many moving companies to keep costs low, most of the equipment will move "shrink". Owner of a moving company, said companies before a moving car with 5 dozen, 12 Pack of furniture blankets, now a car with only 1 basket, 4 blanket. Many moving companies before signed a contract with the employer in advance in order to protect the interests of both sides. Today, most moving companies will not sign a contract with the employer.

         We find that because there is no centralized industry organization, the industry standard constraints, moving services has many problems not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, also lacks strong protection of consumer interests.

         only the entry threshold elevation, making it difficult for those low quality, small size of troops intervened in the market easily, to laying a solid foundation for the regular operation of the entire industry. "Several normal moving company boss believes that at the present no one under the regulated industry present situation, only by norm's own service, doing their own brand, in order to sustain development.

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